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Hello folks. I've removed all content, as after 10 years a fresh look is needed. Please keep connected and follow the links. I look forward to sharing new news and updates soon. 

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www.beyondsauce.cominterested in knowing more about this new enterprise? come inside and see whats happening!


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Born in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England in ‘69. A graduate in Landscape Conservation Architecture, I have explored the world and proudly spent the last twenty years working collaboratively with diverse communities co-creating opportunities for empowered action, organisation and implementation of projects and ideas. Within this, a commitment to green initiatives, wellbeing, sustainable living and spiritual practice are key to my love of life. As a self-taught vegan chef specialising in historical food I have expanded this approach onto the plate. Now living in Dartmoor, England and Midpines, Ca, USA with my partner. I am currently running a small holding, B&B and writing a book. So it is with powerful intent and a heart of wonder I say, “Hic Habitat Felicitas” (here dwells happiness)

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