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Born in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England in ‘69. A graduate in Landscape Conservation Architecture, I have explored the world and proudly spent the last twenty years working collaboratively with diverse communities co-creating opportunities for empowered action, organisation and implementation of projects and ideas. Within this, a commitment to green initiatives, wellbeing, sustainable living and spiritual practice are key to my love of life. As a self-taught vegan chef specialising in historical food I have expanded this approach onto the plate. Now living in Dartmoor, England and Midpines, Ca, USA with my partner. I am currently running a small holding, B&B and writing a book. So it is with powerful intent and a heart of wonder I say, “Hic Habitat Felicitas” (here dwells happiness)

pic: This is a collage I made for my future autobiography. Part of my philosophy around creating MY FUTURE NOW!

Keep up to speed, send me an email and ill let you know whats coming up.  


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Selected events in 2014


22/23 Feb 2014


                                                                                                                                                                Would you like to be part of planting a woodland in a National Park in England? join us HERE we have a barn and wood burner, so bring a sleep mat and bag and we will provide the food and lodging. We may even have our own Church House Cydre by then!  


Selected events in 2013

Transforming our relationship to Food!

An innovative approach to a new book to be published in May 2014. We will be using emerging chapter headings as a jumping off points for conversations. We promise you will get great conversation and an opportunity to take part in a transformative approach to food and diet. Participants are invited to be part of this "contributory exploration"; deliverd in a shared space, that will leave you inspire with new found and perhaps a surprising expression of your relationship with food.


Phone calls start 20th August 2013 and run every 3rd Tuesday of the month till February 2014 at 8pm GMT. Details will be sent one week in advance with call numbers and additional thought provoking information.

Calls will be via a conference landline (so can be used as part of inclusive mobile minutes) Lasting upto 40 minutes. You can take part in as many calls as you wish.

Conversation areas are: listening to the body, gratitude, abundance, scarcity and satisfaction, choices and making a difference, joy and fulfilment. Each month each are will be outlined before the call and in the spirit of inquiry we reserve the right to have fun!

Those interested in registering now in this opportunity let me know via email: mail@draeyk.com

Theme of the August call: Listening to each other and listening to your body. It is said we are born with two ears and one mouth so we might hear twice as much as we speak. 
“my body isn’t what I want”, “I want to be thinner”, “I want more flexibility”, “I used to be…”

Sound familiar? But what is the listening? What do we mean by that? What is the role of dialogue… where is the conversation?

Getting clear on "whats so"; what are the facts, as opposed to what we make that mean? Are we making our bodies wrong? Being righteous about it, related to it, have an unconditional relationship or conditional (you will do as I say… but what are you saying?) reprimanding the body, rewarding… et cetera. 

We will look at the types of listening (verbal and non verbal) that exist and how that shapes our world of experience. 

looking forward to the exploration! 

in my year of gratitude... wonderful ted talk: Louis Schwartzburg "the one day that is given to you today" living from that, as a gift and in gratitude is awesome! great video... enjoy

Our fifth Tasting the Future Assembly will be in London 20th May at Hackney City Farm.

Building up to the Assembly we have posted invites to an extraordinary series of "deep dive" sessions and spaces for inquiry ...for invite and connect? click away here!

Fields for Transformation
A 3 month enquiry to explore how we work together in order to support the movement towards a sustainable food system
Designed and hosted by Tasting the Future
March - May 2013

15th March Fields workshop
12th April Skills workshop
2nd May Mindfulness workshops

Co-hosting a session at Conference for Global Transformation San Francisco May 17-19, 2013. This will be an incredible event. Myself and my partner will be hosting a break out session "Falling in love with Love" creating a new access to our listening for love. You will leave with a new, or renewed, sense of love for those things which before seemed unlovable!

Selected events from 2012

Free Training sessions! NEXT ONE; 1st July 2pm-3:30pm  click here
Five module sessions running this summer. Please remember to book a place.  

Theme: Summer sowing for autumn and winter looking at new business models and Adding value; this session continues and explores well-being, vitality and nourishment. Come early and enjoy a free lunch and explore the open greenhouses. follow link for more details!

Who Feeds Lambeth – Thursday 21st June 3-7pm

I'll be here and hosting a table in the discussion

Incredible Edible Lambeth, Lambeth Council and NHS Lambeth would like to invite you to take part in an important discussion, “Who Feeds Lambeth” on Thursday 21st June, from 3.00pm to 7pm at Lambeth Town Hall, Assembly Hall.
We will be working hard at this event and hope to use it to start our work on a food strategy. Specifically we will:
a) map all the work that we already do to encourage healthy eating, support food growing , local food to buy
b) identify overlap and potential areas of cooperation
c) find out what’s missing
d) start to think about a vision for a better food future, and
e) make new friends, eat together and explore how we can work collaborately together to develop a vibrant food culture across the borough  .

We will be joined by Ruth Wallis, Director of Public Health, NHS Lambeth, Cllr Lib Peck, Lambeth Council Cabinet Member with responsibility of Sustainability, and representatives of Incredible Edible Lambeth, the network of 140+ community food growing projects in Lambeth. And of course you!

Please register by replying to Susan Sheehan, Lambeth Council Sustainability Unit ssheehan@lambeth.gov.uk or 020 7926 7672.
We will ask you to bring posters, images, leaflets etc. so that we can fill the walls with inspiration.
There will also be local food and networking throughout the event, and possibly an invitation to continue conversations after the event at a local venue..

Tasting the Future Assembly 3Tasting the Future Assembly 4

Tasting the Future; Collaborative Innovation for One Planet Food
Time: June 19, 2012 from 10am to 3pm
Location: London's Living Room
Street: The Queen's Walk
City/Town: London SE1 2AA
                                                     Website or Map: http://www.londonslivingroom.…

Training sessions, free of charge! click here Five module sessions running this summer. JOIN ME AT ONE!:) please remember to book a place. NEXT ONE - July 1st!

Visioning Day My Liver LovesMe”?  

26 MAY, SoHo

introduction; why “My Liver Loves Me”? 
A space to share; “what is working well right now”?
A space to get creative and explore common ground, some reflection on what comes up for the group, thoughts around sharing ideas and “what’s next”?
The session is focused on wellbeing, innovation and creative thinking and as this is part on an ongoing inquiry the possibilities are endless!
email for details!

Meet me at the spring fair!

Food junctions cookbook

Food Junctions cookbook now avaliable! at the Launch party we celebrated the new book; find my chapter "food directions" there. also apart from online sales (all money goes towards next book!) we have fee pdf downloads available, see bottom of home page!

BUY HERE FOR ONLY £10 (+P&P)(*£12 ON AMAZON) or pick up at Bonnington cafe or Italo deli (vauxhall)

Monies to be shared between Bonnington Centre (home of the Bonnington café and the Community Centre) and Incredible Edible Lambeth  (a citizen led Lambeth food network, representing over 100 food groups in Lambeth)

Selected events from 2011

Bonnington cafe on Thursday the 1st December 
offers all profits from its red ribbon cake as a donation to Helios.    Thankyou in advance! x


Food Heroes


location: myatts filed park
Time and date: November 5th 10:30-1pm
lets make Dragon Pie! and eat it... this is a hugely poular dish i often make, yummie and simple. 80% of the ingredients are grown in the park!  this is a small class aimed at encouraging us all to cook and eat our own food! email me if your interested!

Join me at the Myatts Fields Harvest Festival Everyone will be invited to sit down to a free vegetarian feast from 1pm which will include food grown by volunteers on local estates and in our greenhouse. HERE IS MY CONTRIBUTION.

Study tour: 28th September

I'll be hosting a study tour with glasshouse in bonnington square. contact me for more information. This is part of a series of talk and introduction focusing on community projects and the gardens in Bonnington square. 

Chocolate Tour

Part of  Chocolate Week 

Saturday October 15th, 1-3:30pm
Sela Yair and Draeyk van der Horn guide you on a magical journey

Limited to 20 people.

Making food coops work!

having recently taken part in "making food coops work" here is the video produced from the day!


This is the latest in the project! - Please help circulate this inviation -
Dear contributors, collegues, friends and everyone who loves and cares about food,
We would like to invite you to the launch party of the Food Junctions Cookbook, taking place at 6pm on Thursday, the 27th of October 2011, in the North Cloisters of the Wilkins Building at UCL!
After Food Junctions Festival (2010) and Foodpaths Movement (2011), we are now in the position to proudly present you our newest project: The Food Junctions Cookbook: Living Recipes for Social Innovation.
The Food Junctions Cookbook is more than a recipe book. A genuine collaboration between a university – UCL – and many of London’s local communities and beyond, it mixes practice, politics and pleasure and ties people together through a common interest in food. Some 70 contributors share their ‘living recipes’ for things to cook, things to think about and above all things to do. Get yourself ready to try some of these living recipes: how to taste wine, open up a catering co-op, deal with food waste, prevent children obesity, make delicious dishes from wild plants and grow food in the city.
This Cookbook is another step on a collective journey we began with Food Junctions in 2010, when we set out to explore the significance of food, culminating in a festival that celebrated food in and as community, and shared new ways of thinking about what we produce and consume. We continued our journey with Foodpaths in 2011, in which we developed diverse forms of knowledge-exchange and experience-sharing through and for the urban food movement in London. Taken together, both projects have been about social innovation through food, and the experience of living social change in our daily lives. However, the recipes presented here will never be ‘living’ enough unless you read and cook them at home and in your communities. Come cook with us and join the journey!
UCL Vice Provost Prof. Michael Worton will be giving opening remarks at the Book Launch event. It will then feature talks, presentations and performances, and food and drink by some of the contributors. All the contributors will be giving a free copy on site as our expression to thank you for your kind support. You will also be able to buy the book there for a special price of £10, all of which will not be used for profit but only to cover printing costs.
Attendance is free of charge and no booking is required.
We very much hope to see you there. You are welcome to invite all your family, friends and colleagues to join us. This is a communal journey which would have never been possible without all your support!
All the best,

Marina Chang and Lukas Meusburger

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