a selection of recipe's

Below are the most recent freely available recipes, if you want any more please ask as ive a growing list of published recipes that im happy to share! 

This is less a recipe and more a bit of salad fun i thought id share...

lettuce, heirloom tomato's, dill, diced apple tossed in lemon juice, diced radish, cucumber and celery... this is your base

Now add grated carrot and golden beet with orange segments and juice.

Now top with red beet mixed with toasted sesame oil.

top off with toasted nuts and seeds... after roast add fine garlic, yeast flakes, Tamari (just enough so it steams off and doesn't make the seeds and nuts soggy!) and Hungarian paprika

Finally in the dish ive added thick and creamy mayo and potato croquette's ...recipe to follow!

A creamy salad dressing:

One tablespoon white tahini, two cloves finely chopped garlic, half teaspoon maple syrup, 3 teaspoons apple vinegar, 3 tablespoons olive oil, pinch of salt, pinch of yeast flakes... mix well and you have an amazing creamy mayo dressing. The quantaties may vary depending on your local supplies and variations, so have fun with it.

Croquettes: one cup mashed potato; mixed  and seasoned and rolled in a gluten free crispy coating.

First saute three chopped spring onions and three cloves of finely chopped garlic; saute in margarine or (or saff oil), add salt and pepper to taste, half tea spoon fresh and chopped rosemary, 1/4 tea spoon mustard powder, you may need a little water or soya/nut milk. leave this over night to allow the potato to "dry" with ingredients. now shape into "fat thumbs" and roll in a mix of sesame seeds and polenta/ milled corn. then slowly fry on medium heat till golden!

What to do with old chocolate and over ride avocado? the 3 minute Mousse!

Pan toast about 10 almonds and sprinkle with salt, takes about 2/3 minutes, set aside to cool. Whilst the nuts are toasting melt in a pot 25g 70% chocolate, add 2 tablespoonsful coconut sugar (or about half amount of brown sugar) once melted add very ripe avocado and blend if you want to add more vanilla or sweetener do so now, maple syrup is a good option, also a dash of cinnamon will add some body. Now tip mix into shells of avocado. crush the cooled almonds. and spread over mousse. allow to cool in fridge and serve! the alternative picture uses the smae recipe but ive put them in shot glasses and added chocolate pearls! - this is a perfect cocktail party treat!

You want to know more? "Energy Balls"... fist sold to health food stores by myself in london in 1990's and now i'm resurrecting them as ive been seeing some new kids on the block that might want to think again?

from savory to sweet and back again...

its a baking hot day, so what do you do? why a fresh n raw dessert sounds good!

Mariposa Summer Mousse served on ice

This is a super easy and wow factor summer dish! this dish use local flowers.

needs three hours. First make the ice plate (pictured)
to do this fill a 2cm deep round baking tin, three quarters fill with water, add flowers and place a flat soup plate over. The indentation of the plate into the water creates a mold for the ice plate to set around. Freeze this for a couple of hours till set.

now for the mousse; In a pan, take one teaspoon agar flakes, add to half cup water and heat slowly till dissolved (about ten minutes) keep at room temperature as you will add this to the next two mousse sauces.

Take a slice of orange and put this at the bottom of a cereal bowl  (ps if you have large deli counter plastic container that’s better as you can pierce the bottom to make a hole so its easier to push out the set mousse) then take about 10 strawberries and slice, turn in maple syrup and line the edges of a cereal bowl from base to top.

Blend together about a cup of apricots, the zest and juice of half an orange, one third of the agar from the pan and about four tsp of agarve syrup. Pour this into the sliced strawberry “mold”.

Now take two cups of strawberries, blend with five tsp maple syrup and about 8 fresh flowers of lavender and the rest of the agar liquid. Pour this over the apricot mix.

Now refrigerate for two hours till firm.

Remove ice plate (slowly use warm water to release it from the tin/plate… don’t rush this with hot water as you will crack the ice)

Take the mouse and slowly warm the outside then tip the mousse onto the plate.

Lift and there you have it! Garnish with fresh flowers and serve! I guarantee it will amaze everyone!

Tortilla soup

Enough for four people:

slice six yellow corn tortilla into into six long strips, then cut these into 3cm long strips. now bake in moderate oven for about fifteen minutes till almost crispy. Fry these in a little oil and sprinkle with fine diced garlic and finally a teaspoon of yeast flakes for about five minutes and set aside.

Sauté half a large onion, four sticks of celery and four cloves of garlic till soft.

Add four tablespoonful tomato puree, two chopped tomato’s,  five 5cm pieces chopped fresh oregano,  quarter cup fresh chopped parsley,  one cup of water, one teaspoon paprika, half a jalapeño chilli, one teaspoon agave syrup and juice of one lemon

Bring to simmer for ten minutes and blend.
Now add two more fresh chopped tomatos, salt and pepper to taste and half a cup coriander leaf. And cup of water (or enough to make soup consistency)

Cook for ten minutes.

Toss some chunks of avocado with lime juice

Now serve be laying some tortilla chips and pouring soup over, add more chips, avocado and fresh coriander leaf.


Italian green lentil soup

This is a traditional soup of the new year, as it meant to bring prosperity! I've been eating it every week for a two months and cant say I've won the lottery (then again id need to buy a ticket i suppose...hehe)

Here you go.

Bring half a ltr water to the boil with about a cup of green lentils, boil for about ten minutes and then reduce to simmer and add a handful of chopped celery and similar amount of chopped carrot. and three fresh bay leaves.

Now add:

Half tsp of freshly crushed red peppercorns
Half heaped tsp of dried basil and thyme
1/4 tsp Hungarian paprika (i prefer this to Spanish)
Heaped tablespoon of fresh and loosely chopped fresh rosemary (mine is in flower (Jan-May, so i've set aside the flowers to add as a garnish)
Four roughly chopped garlic cloves.

Now, if like me i under estimate the lentils capacity to absorb water:) add enough water as you like to keep it soupy (personally i like the meatiness of this dish so i keep it thick)

After about twenty minutes add five chopped spring onions and five chopped tomato's and a tablespoon of tomato puree (if none use an extra tablespoonful of tomato puree) and a small hand full of chopped parsley.

Cook this for another five minutes and add salt to taste and finally add about two tsp of lemon juice

Garnish with olive oil or my favorite... flax oil!and any fresh herbs you have to hand! the more the merrier in my opinion:)

Summer fruits tart

so this can use any fruit going! the more variety, the merrier!

first off bake a basic flour base:

this makes enough for 8 people!

the trick with this is to make the initial mix of one cup fine white organic flour (use cheap flour at your peril!) add to this 1/4 cup sugar, pinch of salt and enough margarine so that when you take it in the hand and press it closed it holds it shape... this is my test for also making the perfect crumble! to this slowly add some water till you can work a dough.

refrigerate if you like, i dont bother half the time! anyway dust a surface with flour and roll out to fit a 6-9 inch flan case. pierce a bunch of times with a fork and bake in oven at 190 degree C for about 10-15 mins. DO NOT OVER BAKE! should come out pale but cooked! 

then the custard:

while this is cooling. take 1/4 cup water and simmer with about half a tsp of powdered agar. add to this 1 cup soya milk; pre mixed with 1 tsp of corn starch and a few drops of vanilla. bring to simmer. allow to cool.

pour this over the cooled tart base.

then finally... the fruit:

now take 1/4 cup of water and 1/2 tsp agar and 50ml maple syrup. bring to simmer. and toss in all your fruits givening them a good coating of the syrup.

pour over the set custard, allow to cool and eat in huge quatities! try making raspberry fool to add to this! yummie!  


double wellington pie

this rolled pie contains two fillings, for the lower filling simple use the black dragon pie mix.

for the top deck;

Creamy broadbeans: fry one onion with three cloves of garlic in margarine till caramelized, to this add about 50ml soya cream, 1 tsp mustard powder, 1 tsp yeast flakes, 1 heaped tsp marjoram, half tsp sage 1 tsp thyme, pinch of nutmeg, 1/4 tsp white pepper and about two tsp of chopped fresh rosemary. then add one cup of broad beans (pre cooked but not over cooked please!) and about one small chopped swede or if you wish some roast squash... its up to you! mix this all up with a few tsp of gram flour. now set this aside!

shortcrust pastry: do you need to know how to do this?:) sure... basically in a bowl put two cups flour, pinch of salt n pepper, 1tsp yeast flakes, half tsp mustard, pinch of tumeric and paprica and half tsp thyme. to this just keep adding enough margarine so that whilst rubbing it together with the flour (and other dry ingredients) with your fingers, you end up with a crumble mixture (you will need about 30g marg) now add just enough water to bind this crumb into a dough. dont add too much water!

i love to let this rest overnight but an hour will do in the fridge. make sure you put the dough in a bowl and cover whilst it rests, you need to keep the moisture in!

now after this take the dough and roll into sausage shape about 2-3 cm thick. then with a rolling pin roll out to a depth of about 1/3-1/2 cm so you have a rectangular piece of pastry.

now oil a baking try that large enough to hold the pastry flat. once done along the long middle of the pastry the black dragon mix making a line. then on top of this carefully make a line or the creamy broadbean mix. now fold the sides of the pastry over and overlap at top.

place in hot oven at 240 celcius for about forty minutes!

slice to serve... i make a mushroom gravy for mine!

beetroot soup

simple and full of goodness and so wonderfully fresh!

fry two onions, half teaspoon of Caraway seeds and quartre teaspoon red peppercorns still starting to carmalise.

then add about half a litre of water and to this add two sliced/chopped medium beetroot and one potato and about a cups worth of shredded red cabbage. bring this to the simmer.

after about fifteen minutes add 1/4 teaspoon paprica, 1 tsp fresh thyme and half a cup of fresh dill and parsley. allow this to simmer for ten more minutes and then add about the juice of half a lemon. add salt to taste, you really dont need much in this dish though.

serve this with piles of fresh dill, thyme and lots of shredded sorrel.

Figgy flan cake:

take your dried figs (at least 8 will do but do more if you wish) , steam it for about 15 minutes, remove and press into half of them an almond the other half a walnut into its centre, then roll half and half in either dessicated coconut or sesame. set aside

for cake mix; 1 cup flour, one third cup fine polenta, one half cup ground almonds and 2/3 cup sugar. to this mix 2 and half tsp baking powder, 1/4 tsp baking soda. now mix well. to this add two tsp vanilla, few drop almond essence, one/two tsp orange blossom flour, three table spoons oil, two tsp lemon juice. if you have it, some grated lemon rind is quite nice but not too much! now add 100ml soya cream and enough water to make a soft batter (just so it easily drops off the spoon)

in a flan tin place your figs nut face down in alternating radial pattern. then pour cake mix around the fruit and slightly over it.

bake at 190 celcius for about 35 minutes till golden brown. (check its cooked by sticking a knife into the cake mix... if it comes away clean its ready)

while hot lay another flan base (cover in wax paper) over the cake and turn, but dont turn out of flan case it baked in. 

allow to cool and remove flan case that cake was cooked in, you should have a lovely patterned cake! 

goes very well with vanilla ice cream, fruit or a drizzle of lavender infused maple syrup!

Black dragon pie

The base pie mix:

Now, you could do this all at the same time; while the beans cook get on with other “jobs” and remember when boiling only use enough to cover the beans and root veg, you can always add more boiled water. Also when cooking your beans pop in a metal spoon! It makes for a softer cook.

Soak and Pre cook (about one hour) 250g black turtle beans and set aside (keep beany stock).

Dice and boil about 250g swede (15 minutes- or till al dente) or other root veg. Strain and Set aside (keep stock)

Roast in oven diced 75g beetroot, roast till just caramelized (about 25mins)! Set aside

Fry two diced onions and half a bulb of garlic with 2 tsps cumin seeds till caramelized. To this add the above ingredients and now get on with herbs n spice:

2 heaped teaspoon oregano, 1/2 teaspoon thyme, one teaspoon paprika, 1/4 tsp smoked paprika (if you want a Smokey dish… I love this addition) 1/4 tsp ancho chilli powder (or a good pinch of cayenne powder) salt and pepper to taste. As with all dishes, taste it and decide if you want more. Its easy to add more to personal tatse but not to remove. So I do this recipe as a basic guide… personally I like to have this spicier.

Add now about three heaped teaspoons of tomato puree and 25ml balsamic syrup. You may be tempted as I am to add a slosh of port! J

Now add some of your “beany and swede” stocks.  Enough so it’s a bit sloppy but not washed away with a juices.

The mash mix:

Wash and boil in the skin about 1 kilo potato’s till soft.
Fry about two onions, three cloves of garlic. Once done add the boiled potatos. Mash this up with about 30g margarine, two tsp mustard powder, 2 heaped tsp yeast flakes, 100ml soya cream and some fresh rosemary. Season with salt and pepper to taste and If too dry add a bit of water.

So now, in a tray lay out the base layer and top with mash. Rough the top with a fork and top with sprinkle of sunflower or hemp seeds. Bake in top oven at 220 Celsius till golden brown (about 30 minutes) Serve with lovely steamed Russian kale, parsnips in maple syrup and a winter waldorf salad. Yum!!

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

This week, as the winter snows arrived in London, my thoughts went to my beloved Germany and my decadent past... 

Here is a classic that I just had to "share"! the main point to note about this cake is, "the more combination's of cream, chocolate, cherries, alcohol, syrups, chocolate, cream, alcohol, cherries, cream... the better!"

This variation consists of sponge, chocolate ganashe, cherries, sponge, cream cherries, sponge and a topping of cream and cherries!  this is the absolute basic!:) it's soaked in cherry brandy, infused with dark chocolate shavings, immersed in orange cream, dipped in cherry syrup, smothered in love and served up to share on a winters day with your lover in front of the fire with steaming apple punch and not a care in the world! enjoy... I know I have...

I may make you work for this recipe, as its a secret delight! if you really, really ask nicely ill share the recipe with you! lol

Cream of Mushroom soup
a perfect autumn dish for four
for this i take about 500g mixed mushrooms, organic of course! this will be fried with one onion and four gloves of garlic. fry for 5 minutes then add about 1/2 to 3/4 ltr water/veg stock and about 20g dried porchini mushrooms. bring to simmer and cook for about ten minutes, as this is heating add a dash of pepper and salt, half tsp mustard, 1 tsp marjoram, 1/4 tsp nutmeg, 1 tsp yeast flakes, two table spoons fresh chopped parsley and 150ml soya cream. after ten minutes blend all this together. now add about 50g chanterelle, 25 g black trumpet or any other lovely wild mushrooms... you can saute these beforehand or just throw into the pot. cook all this for another half hour on a gentle heat, in open pot. the dish should be thick anyway but depending on the mushrooms water content they may need more cooking time or more water. 

garnish this with cream and fresh parsley and serve with lovely warm pretzel bread! mmmm....
nutwell tart 
makes about 6 tartlets or one tart:

this is my variation on a popular dish i make but thought id try a "meatier" version... the good 'ol bakewell tart!

to start: blind bake a pastry base:

mix a cup of flour and 1/3 cup sugar with tsp cinnamon... slowly add margarine till you have a crumble mix (one that when you hold firmly but gently holds together!) then slowly add water till you have a dough, if its sticking to the bowl you added too much water! so just add a bit at a time.

bake this at 190celcius for about fifteen minutes... pale golden is a much as you need!

while this is bake throw a heaped cup of mixed nuts: almonds, hazelnut and walnut... but use any to hand! roast these for about 5-10minutes! don't burn!

as the tart base is finishing mix one cup good plain flour, 2 tsp baking powder, 1/3 cup sugar, 1/3 cup ground almonds, 1 tsp cinnamon. now add enough margarine so you have a crumble mix (just like you did making the base) then add a dash of vanilla and almond essence and enough fresh soya cream so you have a nice soft batter that plops off the spoon. to this add the nuts (which you may like to lightly crush)

now your tart base will be done, allow it to cool for a few minutes and smear a layer of tyttebærsyltetøy (my favorite berry from the forests of the Norway, also know as lingon berry in Sweden) or a jam of bilberry's or cranberry's or red currents.

on top spoon the mix you have made, spinkle with almond shavings and bake at 190 celcius for about 20/25 mins till lighly golden brown! serve with red grapes (in season) and vanialla dessert!

want bakewell tart? do the same, but drop the roasted nuts, double the amount of ground almonds, use 1/2 cup sugar (not a 1/3rd) add half tsp almond essence (not just a drop) and use equal amounts of water and soya cream! oh, and use a blackcurrent jam!:) yummie!

here i go for some hot n spicy autumn warmers!

mango chutney
lightly fry two large onions, 8 cloves of garlic and 4 cm finely sliced ginger
add to this, 6 ground cardamon pods, 1/2 cm chopped green chilli
after a minute of frying this add 1 fine chopped apple and three roughly chopped large mango's
finally add 6 table spoons of rice vinigar, 4 tsps sugar, 1/2 cup water, 1/4 stp agar

cook this for a good five minutes

allow to cool and store in jars or serve cool.

ghana dahl and okre

soak 500g dahl for 40 minutes wash and cook till tender. drain but hold onto any extra water (you can add this later as dish absorbs after cooking!) 
meanwhile fry two large onions, add 1/2 tsp asophatida, 1/2 tsp tumeric, pinch of cumin, corriander and cinnamon. half a hot chilli (finely chopped), toss in chopped okra. salt to taste!

mix up with dahl and your set! 

spiced green beans 

saute 350g green beans for five minutes, do not over cook!! drain (but not totally) and set aside, then roughly chop three tomatoes and add.
fry one onion, add 3 cm cube of chopped ginger, two tsp cumin seeds, two tsp corriander seed (roughly ground) one hot chill (finely chopped) five cloves of chopped garlic... fry for a couple of minutes till aromas are produced and add two tsp of tomato puree.

mix all this up and add three tsp lemon juice and two lime. heat and serve!!!

Yorkshire Parkin and treacle sauce

to 500g fine ground oats add 5 tsp baking powder and 1/2 tsp bicarb. 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 4 tsp ground ginger... or super fine fresh chopped. mix up.
then warm 150ml black treacle, 300ml golden syrup and 250g marg in a pan. then add 150g silken tofu and blend.
slowly add this to dry mix.
bake at 180 celcius for about one hour. 

allow to cool and place in airtight container for at least three days!!! preferably a week... i waited two days and should have waited longer as it just gets better and better the longer you wait.

as pictured i just mixed equal amounts of dark and golden syrup and a little water to dress and serve! 

now i want to just sit by a fire outside and eat this!

Harira soup

this is a spicy n lovely autumnal dish and yes i know its traditionally served after Ramadan; breaking the long fast as it's full of protein (esp meats!) but here is your plant based variation... still rich and a good booster to boot!

fry three chopped onion, three cloves of garlic in a little oil.
to this add 1 tsp cumin seeds, 1 table spoon ginger root (finely chopped); fry till aroma released then add 1 heaped tsp tumeric, I tsp paprika, 1 tsp ground somak, 1 tsp thyme, 1 tsp oregano and then about one litre of stock water.

allow this to simmer and add a cup of cooked chickpeas, cup of red lentils, ten chopped tomato's, two tblsp tomato puree,  one diced red bell pepper and a dash of cayanne pepper.

I've added diced carrot, squash and other red roots before now... you may wish to add rice, giant cous cous, hell add it all!

whatever you do, this dish now benefits from some salt n pepper and lots of bay leaves and juice of a lemon.

cook and cook this... at least an hour!!! it only gets better the longer it simmers! do it the day before and re-heat for best results.

serve this with lots of fresh chopped tomatos and herbs.

bake pitta breads and cover with zatar or garlic oil! yum!

a real warming soup!